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About The Photoframe Shop

We hope that you like what you see here in our store. We aim to provide a solid mix of traditional and modern styles of photo frames along with a growing range of frames that we make ourselves.

We have been making and selling photo and picture frames for over 25 years, originally in our framing gallery in London and now in Sussex by the Sea. We source many bare frames and mouldings and assemble or manufacture a range of unique frames which are not available anywhere else.

We have seen a huge rise in the popularity of vintage and ornate swept photo frames in the last few years and our suppliers have responded by introducing more variety in terms of size and colour of this style of frame.

Who has not heard the term 'Shabby Chic' lately? Whilst the term shabby chic is actually quite a recent one we feel that there is a wide school of opinion as to exactly what Shabby Chic is. The term was originally used to describe a style of furniture which had the appearance of wear and slight disuse. It is now probably the most popular search term applied to our stores. We have tried to broaden our descriptions to involve  Vintage, Ornate, Swept, Baroque and Antique where we feel this is more appropriate. It is our intention to offer  the widest possible range of frames in sizes from 6" x 4" up 20" x 16". We are also gradually introducing mirrors, memo boards and blackboards.

We also offer a good range of Art Deco style glass or enameled frames in bold colours. We will not sell a product unless we are totally happy with the quality and offer a no-quibble return and refund policy meaning that you will not be out of pocket if you simply change your mind..

We have designed our store to offer free delivery on every item and bulk discounts on many of our lines. Please also keep an eye out for our exclusive multi-packs which offer a selection of matching (or different!) frames at great prices. Finally, we know that we cannot offer every option that you may require. Please use our contact form to enquire about any special requirements that you may have.


Feel free to send us your comments or to questions about our products. We are constantly expanding our range in response to demand.

To all of you, from all of us at  thephotoframeshop  - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Richard & Jo